Min Hogg, MFK Fisher, and Alice Waters.

Well, I was thinking today that if Min Hogg could fix up the world and MFK Fisher were still around to write about it, and Alice Waters could handily put together the meals (and I suppose MFK would have a jolly time scribbling notes about that), well, I think the world might be a better place.

Min Hogg is the brilliant editorial eye/source of most of the insanely fabulous everything that had been World of Interiors for many years. She left a while back, and WoI is still very good and very lovely and one of the two magazines I actually still subscribe to. (Well, add Wired. With Dwell. Gotta love Dwell. I want to live in just about every Dutch house they find. So I guess it's three magazines, now.)

Anyhow, somehow I was just pondering the charming effect that these three brilliant women have had on our universe, and wishing they could run a few things.

I'm hoping this post makes the vaguest bit of sense; I am supposed to be helping e. pack for camp, and it is time to go wash some more socks, so I am tossing this out there.

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  1. if Min Hogg did fix up the world she'd probably use some of her own designs for fabrics and wallpapers ! - on her website at www.minhoggdesign.com. beautiful and all based on sea weed.