A Word of Thanks as the Little Blog Approaches Her First Birthday

Life is random, isn't it?
[Just ask Eloise- here, in Moscow, via flickr].

As you might have noticed, there are random things
this little blog is wont to dwell on,
chief among them: art, design, books,
home, family, history, and- well-
perhaps just list the rest as
assorted oddsbodskins.

Life: a magnificent reason to celebrate.
And celebration is on the mind.

The first birthday of this blog seems
a good time to thank everyone who stops by
(and, happily, there've been quite a few of you!).
While wishing everyone well,
and extending gratitude,
I do promise to try to bring more
good things to you as time rolls on.

More good words and great art; a happy dash of style.
(A veritable smorgasbord of oddsbodskins galore.)
Life, with a fillip of art.

That's the intent, oh! dear and treasured reader.

And, here, a pledge: to go to as far as possible to do so-
Moscow, if need be. (Or anywhere else on the globe.)
That said, let us don warm caps and carry on- and
thank you, again so very much, for stopping by.

It has been a pure delight.

the brilliant hilary knight, of course


  1. Anonymous10/3/09 21:25

    Congrats! And a lovely blog it 'tis!



  2. Congratulations, Victoria! Even though I've just found your site, I feel like we're kindred spirits. I especially enjoy your children's book recommendations. I've been checking them out from the library for my little ones. Here's to one hundred more -- cent'anni!

  3. JP--

    Honored that you think so. Truly.

    The Selvedge Yard is a new all-time favorite here!

    Many happy returns.

  4. Mamacita! I am honored, again, and blushing. Wow! A thousand thanks. Kindred spirits...makes my day.

    Deepest curtsy, oh! delightful one.

  5. Anonymous11/3/09 11:15

    Congratulations Victoria! Every year of blogging is such a milestone, but my, don't they go by fast?!

    Viva SF design bloggers!