Happy Birthday!

The cute little guy in this picture is celebrating his fifteenth birthday today. His mom is scratching her head (without the sunglasses on...I've long since lost the ones above) and trying to figure out how time doth fly so quickly. Well, in any case, she is taking solace in the immortal words of T. Bone Burnett (see posts, below) and finds extreme happiness in the reality that the passing time, current time, and time to come are all times filled with the love of this little (now 5'7") guy, his wonderful siblings, and the rest of our utterly awesome spread-around-the-world family. Happy Birthday, E! Sending love and best wishes...to all.


  1. Anonymous13/2/09 09:58

    Gerk...YOU ROCK! Happy Birthday! Keep em laughing, as it will get you very far in life. Love you..."The Godfather" (ala...Tim, Jim, Mr. Tim...whatever)!

  2. My guy, all 6'1" of him turned 16 last week - I'm too young for all this.