Today's Special: Maira Kalman. Yesterday: Books, More Books, Anthropologie, Brooks Brothers, Po Chu-i and Neuroplasticity.

Yesterday, after feeling sort of hermit-ish, I met a dear friend for coffee and then went out on the town. Here is what I came home with:

1. books
2. books
3. books
4. a scarf, black and white stripes, half-price from brooks brothers (big splurge)

Now this will be shocking to those who know me...
when I came home, on the doorstep were: more books.

Favorite finds of yesterday?

1. A 1958 edition of Eloise at Christmastime, priced $9.99. Yes. I kid you not. This comes along about once a decade.
2. Po Chu-i sitting on my front porch, in lovely brown coat, address clearly marked on ink-jet label. He is here for me courtesy of internet. Miss Go, thank you for introducing us. Now, must figure out how to put bamboo in backyard without it taking over the neighbor's territory, about which they would be most distressed. Have been plotting this for past decade. Anyone have hints how to contain bamboo? Also, must put pine (small) in front. A few steps away from magnolia?
3. The Brain That Changes Itself. Also on doorstep with computer generated label. Forgot I ordered that, but never forgot ordering Mr. Po. Neuroplasticity a very engaging subject, methinks.
4. Three Maira Kalman books at the store that brought me Eloise. I will return for them today. They need me, and I them. Spent rest of wad ($14.95) on signed Peter Spier book, so had to ask these three to wait. Am throwing on coat to get them, now. Posthaste.

Also: Anthropologie is having great sale on pillows and such. Snagged a few of those (not this, but close, and better bargains in store). New linens for a new year. Very inexpensive. Good thing, in this economy.

Information on game of Go, pictured above: here.


  1. Sounds as if it was worth your while to meet up with your friend! Great finds.

  2. Lecia--is a joy to meet up with her, always is! I'm loving your photos: the chocolate cake today is heavenly!