Po Chu-i at the Waldorf, by MB Goffstein

Photo copyright MB Goffstein

I adore the art of M. B. Goffstein, from The Gats to Po Chu-i at the Waldorf

My head whirls with how the novels are so finely connected and yet so separate. I sometimes dip in and out of them, usually do, as they become more and more familiar. It is a little like sailing around a beautiful lake and seeing something new each time; you are never sure of the terrain or the weather, there is always something fresh, perhaps you might miss something? Or you know you missed something but you will come back and see it again. And maybe there is a little fog or light rain or fat snow. But it all belongs together.

A miracle.

M. B. Goffstein currently publishes 
all of her new work on the internet, 
hereA bibliography of all American 
and Foreign editions of Goffstein's 
work from 1966 to 1991 exists here

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  1. victoria: i'm heading over to m.b. goffstein to check it out! AND thank you SO much for the mention! xoxo, -p.p.