Well, I can't seem to get a photo to attach, but who needs it when they can go look at HHH?

Hollister, what hath thou wrought? How groovy are your kitchen ideas? How hard is it not to want all this yummy stuff? Geez louise.

And I love it that Mrs. Blandings (see comment) and brilliant Porter Hovey are looking at the tile floors...and the bathroom fixtures. I've been know to do that once or twice (and the looks you get when you take just a few snapshots of floors and fixtures...my goodness!). Wondering if I should publish my infamous Red Bar bathroom ("I just want to remember the magnificent color you picked, Kirk") shot, or the one in the women's wc at the New York Public Library, where I was so taken by the marble sinks (as dear T.D. said, "You could have a bat mizvah in there"). 

Good design is everywhere, thank heavens. And Hollister and Mrs. Blandings and Porter have quite the knack for finding it.  

Btw, if you didn't see the Astor Resurrection: here it is. To die for. I have long lived for the Thursday New York Times, as it has both Style and Home. What more could you ask for?

Jane, I'm glad we did your kitchen in walnut and white, with scads of good marble and warm floors. So glad.

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