no experimentum crucis

well, wittgenstein had
goethe's color theory &
i can honestly tell you
that i am quite relieved that
remarks on color is "generally
considered a very difficult
work" (due, partially, to
fragmentation. imagine!)
because i don't need one
more thing to add to my
(long & getting rather dusty)
reading list. but i did very
much like the cover of this
book in the window.

(probably a good
thing the shop was closed
for the night.)


  1. Deplorably handsome man, infuriating of him to be so bright while he was at it.

  2. Wittgenstein - a hero. Besides being completely enthralled with his own philosophical work, he was an absolute character in his personal life. Typical genius.

  3. k -- i'll have to read more about him. will take it on your good word, 'til then.