short answer


  1. Ok, I am perplexed as I read this earlier and swooned, and left a comment, which I now see does not show.....
    shall attempt to re-create...
    Beautiful ethereal colour, fleeting moment captured.

  2. You know what this means-you shall have to add your comments to lavender with these photographs. gorgeous photographs VT

  3. thea, i hope you find the one they lost. i'd love to see it. but i can't thank you enough for this one. it's a sweet dream to hear such things. xx

    gaye, yes! i've got just the one. and will dig up some more. i think you've found my cap (the thinking one). i was drifting about for the lavender post. (you'd smile if you saw the lavender plant in our backyard. drift into that and one might be gone for a week or two.) & that you like the snapshots, it means a great deal. many thanks & xx to you too.