reading writing & wrapping

besides wanting to thank about six dozen people and send them all notes + get out christmas cards, i have a rather-too-long-in-waiting stack of gifts to wrap & (yes, it's funny, actually; why wait 'til this moment in december?) mail. all of this, honestly, might be easier to tackle if i didn't sort of expect to do a cracker-jack job on each one & have them be worthy of a small space in a bergdorf (sigh) window. anyhow. i'm going to read this (because i need to) and get back to all of you after at least a half-dozen of those gifts have been wrapped. and they won't need to be bergdorfy, they'll just need to be mailed. right? see you soon. happy wrapping to you, too.

image: jean prouvé desk via sweet handmade charlotte


  1. oh victoria

    i smugly told the mailman 10 days ago that i was through. that's right, no more parcels to send.

    then i realized that the little metal airplane on my desk just needed to belong to a friend in england, and off i went to wrap and post.

    because i live in the country, our mailman refers to us as his "flock" at this time of year.

    he puts out eggnog and cookies too...what more could one ask ?
    happy wrapping.

  2. Merry Christmas Victoria!