dear tea and cactus,

i was 23 (almost 24) when i had my first young 'un.
he turns 27 on monday, and is off to see his brother
(one of them) in germany. so happy. now i wonder:
did i look like this? in my mind's eye and thru the
lens of time, i think (wink) i might have. well...
almost? well. well? at least my hair was red.

here's what i started to say: dear tea and cactus,
this is wonderful. have traveled to see you, often,
from lovely, lovely theue. thank you.


  1. dear Victoria
    well, thank you - thank you for your "dear tea and cactus" thank you for traveling to see me, thank you for this beautiful post - it has been a beautiful surprise to read you, this and to have found you. thank you.

  2. this is me, curtsying. delighted that you saw it, thrilled that you like it; completely charmed by your beautiful art. many thanks :)

  3. and this is me.... curtsying back... (thank you)