monday muse

this happens so often. i thought i labeled this clearly,
but (at least for me) clearly i didn't. surely someone
else will be able to tell me which wonderful blog it
came from. (i do know it came from somewhere i
adore.) in the meantime, here it is. so simple, but
something i am completely unable to get out of my
(red) head.

(did find wonderful this, so, here: makr)


  1. beth,


    thinking all day of your tribute to walt. it's so beautiful; thank you. one year, eternity. how are we to know?

  2. Also, I think Alder and Co carries it. I was just in that store in PDX and it's dreamy.

  3. erica, i keep stopping by your Matisse; those words are just what i need to see these days. far more eternal than even the most fetching canvas bag ;)

    (but I am off asap to Alder and Co; thank you, again)