It was a lovely sunny day in the city.
Fort Mason was beautiful; the colors
of the sky and the water and the bridge
were not to be equaled. It was pretty
much like heaven (in that San Francisco
way). Then we went to the SFMOMA &
the Anniversary Show is in full swing
and it's a doozy. You ought to stop by, if
you already haven't. Did you know that
(in days gone by) you could sometimes
arrange to purchase art as it was being
exhibited in museums? The sketches above
are from papers that Calder sent with
an installation of his art...it's magnificent
to see his directions for setting up the work
but the critical bit of information, as I see it,
are the numbers (prices!) scrawled below the
diagrams for each piece are the prices.

$300 for a Calder, anyone?

The correspondence (snapped with my
trusty old iPhone, which seems to always
be there when I need it, unlike my trusty
camera) is between Peggy Guggenheim
and the founding director of the museum,
Dr. Grace Morely. The pics aren't great,
but you can click on them and sort of
get the gist. What really got me was
Peggy's fabulous business stationery.
Art of this Century (and forevermore).

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