How to Cook a Wolf

So anyway. Thinking about war-time cooking made me think of this. And led me, in search of MFK & Wolf, to a charming bit of writing (and another magnificent blog to explore). Won't get long-winded about this. Here's an excerpt from said blog (and a hat-tip to Katherine Sharpe, the authoress):

"That, to me, is Fisher’s lesson: that you can eat (or, by extension, do anything) with intentionality, composure, and in the way that most pleases you—and that, within limits, you can do this regardless of how well-off you happen to be. If you get the hang of it, she suggests, other people will see these simple achievements as a remarkable and powerful thing. If you manage not to be blown off course by the whims and expectations of others, you might even make people mad occasionally."


  1. I can never get enough of MFK.

  2. dear Aesthete: I'm with you. As ever.

    "As They Were" changed my life. Her voice, like yours, always seems to me to be fresh air.

    Happy New Year!