ludwig's other girl

there is something about this drawing
that take me right back to a state of
complete happiness from my childhood

how much i love the long runner, yellow blankets,
red hair, stacked beds, window, curtains,
teardrops, curly hair, straight hair and bows
cannot be put into words. it is bliss to me.

Elsie, below, must have been delighted
to be in the company of Madeline's maker

(or course, I was sad that Madeline was crying
but perhaps that was it: the whole scene is
somehow divinely human and straight to the heart)

p.s. i spent a lot (a lot a lot) of time looking
(when i was very young) at this page and could not
figure out for the life of me how they slept in their bows
and kept them so delightfully pert. it was a beautiful
mystery to me, and i wanted desperately to sleep in a
bow and have it not fall out of my short red bob and
then i would surely wake up looking simply marvelous.


  1. Eloquently expressed. I think you uncovered every adult's dream: to live in blissful rectilinear serenity, arriving at the end of the long red runner or a long night's sleep looking and feeling completely unscathed from life's bumps and bruises. This is childhood. I want it back.

  2. And I always wanted a bed with a crank, and a crack on the ceiling that had the habit of sometimes looking like a rabbit.

    ;-) xo