Weimar Color

While visiting the Goethe Haus,

and the Schiller Haus, it became

quite apparent that the colors in
Weimar were strikingly beautiful.

There seemed to be little fear of a good splash of bold.

All in all, an unexpected treat.
It brought a great deal of joy.
Who would have thought color
could do such an amazing job of
revitalizing an ancient city? It did.

Later, walking just a few streets away
from the center of town, most of the buildings
were far more muted. They retained a ghostly
presence, the shadow of living under another
government in another time (not so very long ago).
Wandering back into the heart of the city, you could
pretty much feel your blood start pumping once more;
the shadows gave way to the realization that
you'd never think about color the same way again.

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