Paul Poiret

"...Poiret, in contrast to his predecessors Doucet and Worth, equated his actual vocation with that of artists’ work. The onset of the couture profession alone had elevated the status of clothing to a form of artistic expression as the attribution of designs to designers was itself a major advancement for fashion in the late nineteenth century. Poiret, on the other hand, took it one step further. If couture transformed the assemblage of outfits from mere decorative coverage to a medium in which to express the tastes and desires of its makers and wearers, then Poiret sought to cultivate those aspirations into a reality.

In 1908, Poiret asked the illustrator Paul Iribe to assist in producing a limited edition catalogue entitled Les robes de Paul Poiret. This colorful 'look book' featured Poiret’s clothing set against elaborate art-filled rooms, and single-handedly established the importance of the decorative interior as the ideal home for fashion creations..."

Laura Layfer, Antiques and Fine Art:
Paul Poiret: Furnishing the Fashion Industry

Plates from Les choses de Paul Poiret vues par Georges Lepape

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