Next Step

Yummy new blog called stair porn, by the brilliant minds behind materialicious. To salute their new step, I'm posting a photo I took last summer at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena. 

There's another photo of these steps on one of my earliest posts, "Vedana--Eric Case's Weblog: Steve Jobs Inspiration Roundup." I mention this because, for me, today has been a day of connecting dots...remarkable dots. Mr. Jobs covers this sort of thing beautifully when talking to the graduates at Stanford. I think there is so much between the lines in what he says, also: so much that can be heard, but was not said. 

Funny thing about the Jobs "talk:" it's one for the history books, now. His words have been so often quoted, and ring so true, that it's more than just a commencement address. Worth watching; worth another watch, if you haven't seen it for awhile. Click here.

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