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Although an incredible number of invitations and notes are sent on the internet, it's still the siren call of stationery--real paper, real envelopes, real stamps, real ink in a real pen--that gets to a lot of us. Maybe it's the retro joy of opening the mailbox and finding real correspondence.

Maybe it's the pure art of it, when it is well done: the thrill that comes when one receives their own little bit of thoughtful beauty in an envelope.

Here are two marvelous stationery moments:
the first, Cotton Idea Studio, has yummy stuff.
Chic, elegant: disciplined, yet soft. Nice. The other, also
from the beautifully curated black*eiffel,
is a delicious selection of designer's wedding invitations.

Full disclosure: I spent several years creating illustrations for invitations, having had a delightful little stationery business...with a lovely business partner. We had great fun, and I will promise you that, as with all else in life, a truly great invitation is achieved through much hard work. I tip my hat, therefore, to every marvelous stationer...it is an art, and beautiful to behold when done well.

Above, elegant penmanship from Friedrich von Schiller's house in Weimar.

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