play a kazoo

one of my senior seminars (a short 30 years ago at mawaca in fredericksburg) was on beckett; i need to go back and re-read him, i think i might see it better now. winnie always mystified me. i believed she'd have been happier had she noticed the water. was there water? again, i'll have to go back and check it out. the other seminar? c. s. lewis. revisiting him, also, and happily so. lovely posters: aardvarkonsea. svpply.

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  1. like both of these immensely, especially the first and I sit here today beating up myself for making the same mistake yet again.... Maybe I didn't fail better this time, Hopefully I will the next.
    PS I always found Beckett quite handsome... those cheekbones, that shock of hair, but then I've got odd taste in men, hence the aformentioned failure....