somewhere over new jersey

(on a flight from jfk this summer.)
taking photos of clouds. with my
iphone. why? because. because i
never cease to be amazed at this big
country of ours. the skies, the roads,
the crickets that sing loudly in our
neighborhood at night. the way
californians tell you it's all good,
no worries (even if they're worried).

the way new yorkers are in a hurry.
the way you can get moon-pies and
mallomars at a highway rest stop &
you can find yourself fighting tears
when a bunch of kids sing about fruited
plains. i never stop loving how we can
fight over our amendments (which give
us the rights to fight over them) and tell
people what we really think (in print, in
black and white, in color; we can tell
people, and no one has the right to tell
us not to) and i never stop loving how
we keep trying to do the right thing.

we do, almost all of us- and if we keep doing
so, we'll probably get there. to the right thing.

and, in the goodness of that, we can keep
being the place that people from all over
the world come to for the freedom that
jefferson and lincoln and m.l.k. and you &
i talk about. and depend on. & live for.

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