the very thought of you

and i forget to do...

the little ordinary things that everyone ought to do

i'm living in a kind of daydream
i'm happy as a king
and foolish though it may seem

to me that's everything

photographers to include:
Peter Basnight, Daniel Cochran,
Robbie Nelson, Connie Moore Thorne


  1. There is nothing better! Family, friends, and a wedding. Well maybe a birth, but let's not rush things. Have a wonderful summer, Ms. Vick.

  2. Happy beginnings, music and dancing - happy times are here again!

  3. Ah!gorgeous youth- and god bless the mother too! You and yours surpassed yourselves with flowers, dresses, suits, warmth ,love and downright fun. I have spent some hours today planning my niece's wedding-and No she does not know it-nor is she planning to get married-that I know of.

    xo to you Victoria, long may you reign, after a well deserved encore and a long nap.

  4. Beautiful!!!

    My daughter is getting married this Saturday in Northampton, MA.

    I am still working on mu toast!!!

    And then on Sunday, a family brunch here.

    What could be better!

  5. oh lovely lovely

    and again


    happiness and contentment.

    only family and love.