a mere woman

"Here's an interesting piece of ephemera, also involving Schocken, Hannah Arendt, and Kafka- this is the letter in which Arendt has Mr. Schocken personally take on the 'Kafka Kerfuffle' (as I am now calling it) because, once again, the person in question (Kurt Wolff!) doesn't want to do business with her, a mere editor (and one suspects, a mere woman as well)."

this is a marvelous, especially when read in full.
just go, now, if you can. it is via jacket mechanical, the
exceedingly fine blog of peter mendelsund.

i am truly hoping that mr. mendelsund is the one who will be redesigning the hannah arendt backlist. i started to read some of her work on the plane home, and it was only a small book i'd picked up as a gift for someone, and i think i got a little chocolate (not much, just a little, really. but darn) on it & the only thing is it was a white cover and beautiful and of course i needed to fess up when delivering the very small but hard-to-part-with gift. anyway, i hope to be reading far more arendt soon. encountering her again- so quickly after the chocolate on the plane mishap- in mr. m's magnificent blog was just too much not to pass on to you, my beloved reader. (who on earth has the patience to read a blog these days, if it is not one of the greats? i begin to wonder. well. i've always wondered.) so, if you stuck around long enough to read this probably soon to disappear blurb, thanks. really.

(did i once say i would only blog on sundays during lent? let's have this count as sunday. tomorrow is sunday, too. who knows?)

and, should i keep my lenten promise, the blogs on the right side of the page, just click them. they are always fine reads, true inspiration. that is what i mean when i mention the greats, those are some. pictures to the links sometimes seem to grow and grow, which is fine, but my technical expertise seems not to. how does one tame this part of blogger? if only i knew. (i do truly believe that code is poetry. if only i could write either!)

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