so we very quickly learned to be absolutely quiet about it

"Since people didn't deal with children and things like that,
it would have been considered a nonsubject or a silly one.
And at the time, when we said we studied nursery rhymes,
we were considered an oddity. So we very quickly learned
to keep absolutely quiet about it. Also, had we been to
university, we would have realized that everybody knew
so much, but because we didn't know what was and wasn't
permissible and possible, we just went forward. (Iona
learned German and Italian in order to work on our books.)
And, equally, we were not only enthusiastic but also self-
critical; we went on criticizing ourselves until we felt that
there couldn't be much wrong with what we were doing."

m. goose 1691, rare book buyer
alphabet, sc libraries
& street football, gubog

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