See Something

"He didn't like artifice or pretension. Even when it made his process more difficult, he insisted on the real thing. If we were photographing a hand holding a pizza, it had to be the pizza maker's hand. Once when Penn was doing a portrait, the famous subject went on at length about his accomplishments and current work and future plans. Penn listened patiently, and finally, after a very long pause, he quietly said, 'It sounds like you are trying to impress me.'"

Quotes (title and above)
from "Seeing the Light,"
by Phyllis Posnick
Vogue (03.10)


  1. It is funny you posted this Penn photograph-I have been looking at it for days and days. I am fascinated with de Beauvior's face. Of all the Penn fotos this may be the most beautiful. pgt

  2. Real beauty is always sort of utterly surprising, isn't it? And hard to take your eyes away from... (As you so often show us, Gaye.)

  3. spent so much time in her books. (i may have to borrow this.)