Boys Will Be Boys: Three of the Brightest

Meet JP, from The Selvedge Yard (above, with sons), and friends: it's these guys who've given me hope, in the past few weeks, that there's good news coming down the pike. These bloggers can write. They've got a keen sense of history. And they seem to be able to find just the right look, these days, to lift spirits and soothe economic fearmongering. Hey, what could be simpler or more honest than a sturdy work shoe, a brief history of weathered barns, or the tried-and-true look of sailors at sea? Check out their blogs for all of the above, and more.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy...there's a good chance Jon Patrick of The Selvedge Yard will cover all of these in the near future. JP has already featured Jackson Pollock (above), Sailor Jerry, James Dean, and a handful of good men who know their way around Fifth Avenue. Look for excellently curated photographs, also, and beautiful, concisely written historical briefs: this blog is absolutely worth watching. 

A Continuous Lean, from the remarkable Michael Williams, consistently brings us unabashedly beautiful images that are also unfalteringly masculine. And if you don't believe a tea party is masculine, think what Hemingway himself would've given for the little beaut, above. The Old Man loved such well-appointed gizmos. The Williams brilliance that brings us ACL also publishes The Material Review. Go, see Michael, and make thyself cooler.

This moment in tartan is from the "Lost Boy" (see his caps post) at Restless Transplant. There's some really beautiful work here. Best of all? Perhaps it's an appreciation for plaid that goes unmatched. Foster Huntington, I think we'll be seeing an awful lot of good stuff under your tutelage. Looking forward to it.

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  1. Thanks for the link and i am honored to be in league with such fine blogs!