mama in her kerchief, and i in my cap

well, it is saturday and i am in a rush. planes touching down for christmas deliveries to our house tomorrow, people we love to hug. and not an evergreen in sight in this home, as i - not in my kerchief - have been wrestling the flu all week...

so, here, would like to point out that ancient industries rocks. what a fabulous blog! and she does book covers (our kind of gal!) and has a website, also. and, of course, i stumbled up this whilst looking at hollister's blogroll, which is, like everything else hollister does, exquisite and beautifully edited.

must go find tree, kerchief, and The Night Before Christmas....thus, "i in my cap, " above (one of my favorite, favorite lines and one i wondered over, pondering excessively when younger. much younger.)

hohoho and we're off!

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