The Whole Kithouse and Cabana

Kithouse, Cabana, Backhouse, Shed:  I did some research on these a while ago (around the time I was planning to pitch a permanent porch/tent in the backyard...have the design completely laid out & ready to go...see early April "Summer Camp" post for quick musings on this. Personal reality check: summer camp in the backyard will probably have to wait 'til next summer).

Anyhow, this blog post from Dwell really covers the bases, and highlights several of my favorite links (found whilst looking for porch/tent inspiration) to backyard sheds and shelters.  Also, see Shedworking from the U.K.: absolutely fabulous.  Don't miss this amazing Beach Hut monument in Barcelona, either.  Sweet.

Imagine there will be more on this later, as I am currently extraordinarily enamored of this concept.  Hope to throw a few Boathouses and Lanais in, too.

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