so many people keep talking about happiness. i love happiness. 

who doesn't? 

but what it is, perhaps, that we are all really talking about- i have begun to think it is really peace: that happiness is the upward part of peace, the clear and present joy part of peace. it's so measurable! the other kinds of peace seem less quantifiable. 

so when we think we are not happy enough, we can begin to think, instead: what peace am i missing? 

where is the bit of peace in this moment, or this hour, or this day? 

when we begin to be able to find that peace, happiness sits like a wisp upon it. 

try this, maybe.

happiness may already be right where you are. i think it is a strong possibility.

 thanksgiving table setting: victoria thorne design
photo: rick e. martin for the mercury news

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  1. happy thanksgiving ms thorne.
    this may well be the most exquisiet post yet for me