i always liked
goldilocks because
she had the guts to
go into that house
and try their stuff
out. i don't know if
i would have done that.

and then she took off,
but really it wasn't
cowardice: it was
i mean, they were
bears. right?

i suppose some folks
thought she wasn't
that bright. but that
wasn't my read on it.

in the version i liked,
she was quite savvy and
in possession of
a strong will.

my feeling was that
she didn't let
being one of them
stop her. she made
herself at home.
and she didn't give up.
until it was, truly,
time to cut and run.

okay, so maybe
she dozed off for a bit.

but she wasn't
afraid to sit in the
big chair and try it out
for size.

and 'tho she did
break a few rules,
she figured out
what was just

now. doesn't
that sound
better than
planning to be a princess
when you grow up?

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