Really, the children in this movie were magnificent.

And, knowing that there has been some controversy
about that...when isn't there controversy?...I can only
hope that this raises the awareness level, in the U.S.
(and elsewhere), that there is much to be done before
we rid the world of poverty. Maybe it's time to really
rethink our values (easier now, with the new economy
nipping at our heels)...roll our sleeves up and do
something about all this. Melinda Gates seems to be.
Hoping she is the new trendsetter for our age.

We also find an excellent role model in April Rinne,
who's truly doing something to make the world a better
place. Microfinance might be something we all need to
know more about. It's beyond just benefiting us, isn't it?

Our eldest son, Andrew, is currently working at
Santa Clara University's excellent
which provides a unique forum that
encourages taking action on
these matters. I am
exceedingly proud of him.
We all are.

So: Big Question. Is this...
a better use of your time
than upgrading your
a) car
b) house
c) club membership
d) all of the above?

Just wondering.

A great time to look into it,
these days...

don't you think?


  1. Hmmm mmm, I'd like to thank the Academy for this wonderful honor.
    My dress was designed by the fabulous Ralph Lauren, who, after must prodding has joined several other top designers in making plus size clothing, "Thank you dahling."
    I would also like to thank the multi-talented Patti Friday of LIBERTY POST for all of her support.
    And to you Victoria, thank you for your comment, what a breath of fresh air.
    P.S. What a lovely place you have here.

  2. thank you so much!

    just getting back to it after tango with flu...

    you and liberty rock, ma'am.