Quote of the Day: John Foster on grainedit

"I also don’t care much for 
pretension in design 
for the most part."
John Foster

This says so much so simply, doesn't it? From grain edit's terrific interview: John Foster and his new book, FOR SALE: Over 200 Innovative Solutions in Packaging Design.

I think you'll like the interview, and the book. I love packaging design, and have gotten to do a bit. (We'll be posting examples as the blog progresses.) 

For now, though, I'd just like to thank John Foster (who also designed the book: he is taking part, thank goodness, in the new wave of publishing) for the excellent quote above, and the one we'll finish with:

"Selling products in a fragmented marketplace is more and more challenging and I wanted to show the designers who were up to the task."

In this crazy sad market, design that is not pretentious, overwrought, or underdone is a tonic. 

Glad Foster has brought some of the good stuff to the fore. Glad grain edit has the goods.

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