On this Evening, A Simple Wish in Blue & White: Happy Holidays

A thanksgiving shoot
created a few years ago
for the Mercury News.

happy holidays

design: victoria thorne
photos: rick martin


  1. I love these plate settings, they each present a different story :-)

  2. I don't know what is up with me and that red. I do keep finding it. I'm surprised you noticed. Thanks for looking.

    These pics remind me to start working on a series of "table manners" images...

  3. Cattoo, a thousand thanks. I think they might start to be accompanied by little stories, in words. Wishing you, again, a marvelous 2009.

  4. Bradford: adore the "manners" idea...my amazing mother wrote a little book on manners. I think your images (good manners and bad?) would be amazing. Keep the finding the red. It's important.