"saints and poets...they do, some"

Just returned from back east; this, above, from the MOMA.
Saw, this morning, a column by Patty Fisher in the Merc about Father Timothy Meier, a Jesuit Priest who is a former Stanford biologist.

"I just never imagined myself doing this," says Meier, who joined the Army at age 51.

Chaplains in the military are men and women who go to war without guns. "I can't even hold a weapon for a person who has to put it down for some reason," Meier tells Fisher. "The non-combatant thing is supposed to be pretty cut and dried." Fisher gives us a wonderful quote from Meier:

"The prayer I pray these days
is that the hearts of stone of the enemy
might become hearts of flesh."

Artists, heroes, saints, poets, soldiers, statesmen. An interesting place, our world...

Surely, Father Tim's blog will keep us posted. And thanks to Thornton Wilder, for the saints and poets quote. Click on the title of this post for a bit more. Better yet, read "Our Town."

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