Peter Sis, Mary Poppins, and Miss Rumphius

The Magnificents: Peter Sis, Katherine Tillotson, Joan Vigliotta (and, just to the right, Jane Wattenberg and Bev Hock....were that my iphone had a fish-eye lens, and could capture all of youse!) auch: the magnificents always also include Andrew Ogus und Margaret Simpson
"In a world where there are few possessions, where nobody answers questions, where nobody explains--I say this with joy, not sorrow!--children must build a life for themselves."

Please, please, please: if you read nothing else this year, read "The Wall."  Peter Sis has created a masterpiece.

Then, when you are done reading that masterpiece, go on to another one:  you can get "Pipers at the Gates of Dawn," (long out of print, but you know where to get it, and if you don't, email me)...the quote, above, is from "Only Connect," by P. L. Travers ("Mary Poppins") and is cited in "Pipers...." by the amazing Jonathan Cott.

Later, I will fill everyone in on how Miss Rumphius entered the picture (Katherine, are your ears buzzing?)....

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